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Why People Choose MonsterGourmet & Catering

We are a bunch of professional foodies & expert winos that are fanatical about great tasting, fresh, locally sourced, all natural ingredients. We care about what goes into our bodies & won’t serve you anything that we wouldn’t put on our own table! Our cuisine pulls from a variety of cultures; however, the common thread of our cuisine is that everything is ingredient driven. It is our belief that the highest potential for food can only be reached when you start with the best of what nature provides. Just as the world’s great wines can only be produced with the finest raw vineyard materials, likewise, the finest cuisine can only be produced with the finest ingredients. We have the highest standards & make amazing food that we ourselves love to eat!

We scour the farmers’ markets weekly to ensure that we are getting the freshest products & proudly source some of our produce from our very own Wine Cup Farm. However, we are also well-traveled foodies. Our foodie trips have taken us all over the world & we have discovered “gotta have” unique products that just aren’t produced locally.

At that point we “go global” & bring the best natural products regardless of where they are produced. Italian truffles & Icelandic Langoustines are just two examples of ingredients that fall into that category. When they are in season don’t miss them!

Our catering services include:

  • Corporate Catering
  • Event Catering
  • Office / Business Lunches
  • Wedding Caterers
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Holiday Catering
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Catering

We care about our customers!

​We do all of this because we believe that “breaking bread” together is one of life’s great pleasures. We put our heart & soul into our cuisine. So, when we cater or deliver a meal to you we feel a sense of community sharing. When you enjoy a meal from MonsterGourmet or Monsterville’s Catering & Events, you are getting the best that “our family” can give.


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